RPG Play By Message Board Best Practices

I’ve moved one of my campaigns to an on-line message board due to real life getting in the way of many group members.  The campaign has been running on the message board for over a month.  Here’s a list of “best practices” we’ve discovered:

  • Create a separate thread for tracking PCs’ conditions and memorized spells. If the GM doesn’t do this he’ll waste a lot of time trying to find a PC’s current hit points or checking to see if a wizard really does have another fireball left. Depending on how well the GM trusts the players the GM could make this thread editable by all so that players can update it themselves as needed.
  • Depending on how your group handles dividing up the treasure it may be helpful to use a separate thread for treasure. If characters take treasure immediately and claim it as their own a separate thread may not be necessary. However, if the party waits until most things are identified before claiming many items it may be best to have a thread devoted exclusively to noting what items the party has and who is holding them for now. It may also be useful to have a private thread that can only be read by the GM so the GM can say that the sword found in the knight’s tomb is a +2 sword with a lightning strike ability instead of needing to look that information up later.


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