Monthly Archives: November 2008

Making Critical Hits More Interesting

An essay on another blog a few weeks back reminded me that I always wanted to revise critical hits to make them more interesting. When considering ways to do this, I remembered how much I loved the old Battletech critical

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A-to-Z Semi-Monthly RPG Blog/Discussion List Issue 3

A We kick off this A-to-Z list of interesting blogs and discussions with an intelligent entry about Fantasy Armour. Oh, and one caveat: There are a lot of interesting discussion out there. These are just a 26 (or so) of

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Flavoring a Game World with Religion

This month’s RPG Blog Carnival topic is religion, which is something I’ve thought about before. I won’t rehash those articles.  One describes designing religions for game worlds and another walks through a couple of examples.  Instead, the focus here is

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