By Any Other Name…

Just for fun I thought I would come up with names for new/alternative role-playing games in the style of the “Dungeons and Dragons” name.  I think names that also use alliteration and are two words joined by “and” just sound like RPG games.  Because of games like “Tunnels and Trolls,” “Castles and Crusades” and “Swords and Sorcery” I am probably not the only one who feels this way.

But to make the idea more challenging I thought I’ll try to come up with at least one RPG game name in that style for each letter of the alphabet.  I almost did it.  For “X” I had to cheat, but “Q” is one of my favorites.  Please post your alliterative game name ideas in the comments!

Here is my list:

  • Aliens and Adventures
  • Beasts and Battles
  • Cops and Criminals
  • Caverns and Cavaliers
  • Deserts and Djinn
  • Exploits and Evils
  • Fortunes and Fables
  • Giants and Gladiators; Ghosts and Ghouls
  • Hazards and Hobgoblins; Haunts and Horrors
  • Igloos and Icicles
  • Jousts and Journeys
  • Kings and Kobolds
  • Lords and Lairs
  • Magic and Monsters; Mazes and Minotaur
  • Nights and Nymphs
  • Orcs and Ogres
  • Pirates and Pinnaces
  • Quivers and Quarrels
  • Rogues and Ribaldry
  • Sorcery and Shadows
  • Triumphs and Tragedies
  • Unicorn and Undertakings
  • Ventures and Villians; Vaults and Voodoo
  • Wyverns and Wanderings
  • X-plorers and X-plosions
  • Yeti and Yonder
  • Zen and Zombies
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2 comments on “By Any Other Name…
  1. Sean Holland says:

    Quite fun!

    Astrolabes and Adventurers
    Corporations and Communists
    Merchants and Monsters
    Starships and Spaceways

    I will try and think of more later.

  2. My favorites – the ones I’d actually want to play:

    * Fortunes and Fables
    * Mazes and Minotaurs (nice easter egg!)
    * Nights and Nymphs
    * Triumphs and Tragedies
    * Unicorn and Undertakings
    * Vaults and Voodoo
    * Zen and Zombies (my favorite!)

    I like the Fantasy supplement for Masters and Masterminds: Wizards and Warlocks. Both combos are nice, of course.

    Bad ones I can think of: Rage and Rampage! Rome and Romance! Nerds and Necromancy! Zorn and Ze Germans!

    Hm… Light and Lamentation? Faerie and Fenrir.

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