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Web-Based Superhero Generator for Icons Updated

I’ve finally completed the last few mad-libs style backgrounds for my web-based superhero generator.  At last year’s GenCon (2010) I saw the Icons rules and loved them and thought the rules would make a great basis for a random character

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Dungeonographer Gets a (Free) Random Map Generator

One of the reasons I created Dungeonographer was to have a robust random map generator with the ability to fully edit the map after the fact.  Somewhere along the line I got busy with other projects as well as different

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Gen Con Wrap-Up (An Exhibitor Perspective)

Background Inkwell Ideas was at GenCon for the first time at GenCon 2011!  The primary reason for going was to promote & sell Hexographer, Dungeonographer and the Coat of Arms Design Studio programs.  While thinking of a free give-away, I

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