Late September DungeonMorph Dice Update

I know many of you who have ordered DungeonMorph Dice are as anxious to get them as I am, so I checked in with the manufacturer for an update.

They are completely done manufacturing two of the dice.  They are in the middle of making ten more different dice, and they’ll be producing the final three designs soon.  Things still look good for the manufacturer to send them to me in the middle of October but the last three designs worth (or most of those three) may be sent near the end of October.

Of course, add in the shipping time to get them to me and then to you.  But the good news is the manufacturer hasn’t pushed production time back another 6 weeks.  (And again I think they’re doing a wonderful job getting these complex designs done at all, even if they did previously have to push the ship date back.)

If you didn’t see them on Kickstarter in time to pledge, you can go to to get on the mailing list to order some of the extras.  But I’m not taking further orders until I get the existing Kickstarter pledges sent.

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