Free DungeonMorph Battlemats

Scaled down version of a DungeonMorph Battlemat

Scaled down version of a DungeonMorph Battlemat

One of my remaining tasks regarding the DungeonMorphs (a.k.a. dungeon geomorphs) project (aside from actually sending the dice–the main point of the project–as soon as I get them (which should be in just 2 weeks)) is to put together a battlemat for each of the 90 dungeon geomorph designs.

The battlemats are each scaled to 20″ x 20″ because they are based on a 10 x 10 grid where each square is 10×10 feet.  But battlemats typically have a 5×5 feet per square scale.

The whole set of 90 will be free to all DungeonMorph Kickstarter pledgers who pledged $40 or more.  Everyone who fits that criteria will get access to a zip (or several zip files) which will include the following for each of the 90 dungeon geomorphs:

  • A Dungeonographer file of the battlemat, so you may edit and print it as needed. (Dungeonographer is Inkwell Ideas’ dungeon map-making software which does have a free version which is fully capable of displaying and allowing edits of the battlemats. Note: they will load in a “Line Art” mode.  Toggle the mode to “Semi-realistic/Battlemat” using the radio buttons to the center-left.)
  • A large PNG image of the battlemat so you can open it in your favorite image viewer/editor to edit it as any other image or print it.  The PNG is set to 300DPI and 1″ per square scale.  So to print it at that scale you’ll need access to a large format printer or use an image editor/viewer that spans pages. (Many image viewers/editors are defective in my opinion in that they don’t do this automatically and make it hard (one needs to override many options, if it is possible at all.) to print based on the image’s DPI.)  Or print portions of the map.
  • A PDF that is automatically set up to span six 8.5″ x 11″ pages.  Because the battlemats are 20″ x 20″, to fit them on six standard letter size pages the top and bottom margins are just 1/2 inch and the left and right margins are 3/4 inch. International readers: If your preferred size is smaller, tell me what format/size is best for you and I’ll try to accommodate it.

So if you’re interested in these, take a look and post any feedback.  I’d rather get the feedback now instead of after I do all 90.  Here are links to the samples (right-click and “save as”):

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3 comments on “Free DungeonMorph Battlemats
  1. Keith Davies says:

    I recently bought your Coat of Arms generator. I see that you’re planning to include an oval shield shape, I was wondering if you were going to do circle and flag (a quick google check seems to indicate 3:5 and 2:3 height:width are both standard ratios, with 3:5 being more common). I would find both shapes very useful in my campaign.


  2. Hello, love the matts but the black on them is a printer killer. Can it be made different? White works! 🙂

  3. Joe says:

    Great! That’s the kind of thing I need to know.

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