New Kickstarter: Monster Stand-Ins (Plastic-Card Miniatures)

So my prior Kickstarter’s (DungeonMorph Dice) rewards have been sent to all backers.  (I do need to wrap up the matching PDFs, but that’s nearly done and it wasn’t the primary purpose of the Kickstarter.) I am half-way through inspecting the remaining dice to put up for sale at and I expect them to be posted in the next day or two.

But meanwhile, I couldn’t wait any longer to start my next Kickstarter Project: Monster Stand-Ins.  (I simply love creating things and being able to share them.)  Here’s the project introduction from the Kickstarter page:

Monster Stand-Ins are a set of plastic card miniatures of creatures for role-playing games or war games or board games. Use them when you don’t have enough miniatures or don’t have the right miniature. The front of each will have a full-color picture of a creature and the back will have a matching silhouette.

They will be printed on the same kind of plastic used for credit cards, which make them much more durable than home-printed minis or even cardboard minis. Because they are plastic, you can freely write on them with a dry erase maker. They will also have shield and health icons on the back to optionally note the creature’s armor class and hit points (or hits taken if the GM doesn’t want to tell the players the starting hit points.)  Writing the hits taken, special conditions, or even “Kobold #12” makes tracking which creature is which and which has been hit much easier.

I really hope I’m able to offer a good value and thought of a useful evolution of the core concept.  Please consider making a pledge!

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