Recent Hexographer & Dungeonographer Reviews

Sometimes you just need to feel loved. 🙂  Or at least know that you’re making a product people like and find useful.

Old Guy Gaming has a review of Hexographer which includes this quote, “After looking at Hexographer, I heartily recommend it for those looking for an easy to use, yet powerful mapping package.” Mike (the reviewer) has some issues with the Mystara/Gazetteer style icons but those concerns seem to not be Hexographer specific.  He gave Hexographer another look after seeing Joe Bloch’s Darlene/World of Greyhawk style maps.

Troll in the Corner also has a Hexographer review.  Here’s one section:  More recently I sat down and created a list of what I need of a map making program. It needs to:

  • Work on Mac OS X (whatever incarnation I’m on at the time, Lion currently)
  • Be intuitive and easy to use for a n00b like myself
  • Create square or hex maps with user chosen terrain types and features such as roads, hills, cities, towns, rivers, etc.
  • Export the maps into a common image format (for inserting into the blog, printing out, etc).
  • Be affordable

Finally, I’ve found a program that fits each of those requirements. Hexographer.

Chaotic/GM reviewed both Hexographer and Dungeonographer.  In the Dungeonographer review, he points out, “Another very neat feature are the two different display types. You can select a Lineart/Classic or Battlmap/Semirealisitc look for your map and switch between the two with a simple click… A lot of great new features including random room descriptions and an upload functionality to help in online play have been added in the latest update.”




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2 comments on “Recent Hexographer & Dungeonographer Reviews
  1. I should mention that in addition to the review I wrote on Troll in the Corner, where I’m an editor and author of a weekly column, the review first appeared on my own blog of CWF Game Cast.

    Plus, I reviewed Hexographer in my podcast. Wargaming Recon Episode 70: Dedhampton Revolution features the review. You can find the episode on iTunes or by going to

  2. Sigmund says:

    Grats Joe. I have to agree with the reviewers. Hexographer is my favorite mapping-dedicated program, and well worth springing for the pro version. Since we live so close, I’ll have to buy you a beer one of these days 😀