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ENnies Voting Underway, and the DungeonMorph Card Deck is a Nominee!

Wow! Those of us behind the DungeonMorphs products (Cards, Dice, Font & Battlemat) couldn’t be happier that the DungeonMorph Card Deck is a nominee! Voting is now underway.  Here is the page with details and the actual link to vote.

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Tabletop RPG Selection Chart & Computer RPG Timeline Posters Kickstarter Update

I’m hoping to pick up the momentum for this project…  So if you can, please spread the word! Here’s a short description: The project will create two beautiful isometric dungeon maps which give an overview of tabletop RPGs or computer

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Dave (of Dave’s Mapper) Paranormal Puzzle Pack Book

Dave worked with me on the DungeonMorph Dice/Cards/Font/Battlemats project last year. Now he’s got his own project which taps his passion: puzzles.  And who doesn’t need some good puzzles for their RPGs from time to time?  

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Tabletop RPG Selection & Computer RPG Timeline Poster Maps (Yet Another Kickstarter)

Yet another Kickstarter project, but I hope you’ll love it as much as I do!  From the description: About a year and a half ago Inkwell Ideas posted a Tabletop RPG selection chart. A few took it too seriously, but

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NPC Portraits Decks:
Adventurers, Townsfolk, and Hirelings

Non-Player Character card decks for any RPG. Portraits on the front. Personality and background on the back. Late Pledges Possible!

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