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Cityographer Map Generation Update

A few days ago I posted an update to the Cityographer Kickstarter page with a bunch of new screenshots.  These show off most of the step-by-step process to create a random city.  There will also be a button that lets

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Darlene Pekul (World of Greyhawk Maps) Official Fan Page

I’m sure that many fantasy map lovers will appreciate seeing the following post I saw on the message board.  I tend to use Facebook only for personal, non-gaming relationships (I use Google+ for gaming contacts) but I bet this

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XKCD on Climatology & Worldbuilding

I’m sure there are a number of people with interest in Worldbuilding visiting the site.  I stumbled across a great thought-experiment on worldbuilding  & climatology at the geek humor site XKCD.  The article attempts to divine a climate for earth

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