Creature & Encounter Cards Update: 80% Funded, Pledge Helper Page & More!

Tengu by Eric Quigley

Tengu by Eric Quigley

There are several pieces of news regarding the Creature and Encounter Cards Kickstarter project. But first a project summary:

  • There are 5 different creature card decks of 54 cards each (plus a cover and license card.) Each creature deck focuses on a few creature types.
  • Each of the 5 creature card decks will be done with stats on the backs for 5 different systems: Pathfinder, Labyrinth Lord (1E Fantasy), Dungeon World, Fate, and there will be a set of the 5 creature decks with Ecology/System Neutral information.  Plus there will also be a deck with blank backs.
  • We also have 2 Encounter Decks which help make more interesting, dynamic random encounters.  Think of them as Mad Libs meed the book of Lairs.
  • We’re also offering our ENnie-nominated DungeonMorph cards and Monster Stand-Ins pre-printed cardstock minis as additional rewards.
  • The Creature and Encounter cards have PDFs available.  You can pledge for them by themselves or get them free if you get the physical decks.  The Monster Stand-Ins also have a PDF, but due to the discount on the physical stand-ins and the large number of creatures in the file, they PDF is not included free with the physical product.  (The physical stand-ins have 600 minis of 250+ creatures.  The PDF will have 350 or perhaps 400+ creatures and you can print as many as you want.)
  • Most of the art is available as stock art for other publishers.  See the Stock Art section near the bottom of the Kickstarter page linked above.

Here is the latest news:

  • We’re nearly 80% funded as I write this with 16 days to go!
  • We just posted a pledge helper web page where you can select the items you want and it will tell you how much to pledge and which reward tier to pick.  (You can also always send the project creator a message through Kickstarter.)
  • Check out our finished Tengu by artist Eric Quigley! (We also have a line art version and there will be a version with a background.)
  • We’ve sent emails out to all our artists finalizing our plans.


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