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Excellent Climate/Biome Diagram for Worldbuilders

A few weeks back on reddit I stumbled across several diagrams from an AP Environmental Sciences textbook by user Apomonomenos.  All of these diagrams do a great job of illustrating various earth science concepts useful to world builders. The illustration

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Modern Map Icons/Symbols Pack Released (PNG Images)

Cityographer (city map generator/editor) is still in an alpha testing status, but meanwhile we’ve released the first of several map icon packs.  The first icon/symbol pack is focused on modern cities and it includes over 125 buildings plus a bunch

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Petty Gods PDF Released

This is a cool project I had nothing to do with…  100 Petty Gods for use in your campaign.  They can’t all be gods of war, healing, or even weather.  This PDF has a slew of fun gods to add

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