Modern Map Icons/Symbols Pack Released (PNG Images)

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Cityographer Modern Icon Graphics

Cityographer (city map generator/editor) is still in an alpha testing status, but meanwhile we’ve released the first of several map icon packs.  The first icon/symbol pack is focused on modern cities and it includes over 125 buildings plus a bunch of other images.

You can use these images with any map or image editor that can import PNG images.  See the full size samples below.

Importantly, if you are a publisher, you may publish maps using these graphics, just follow the license in the linked product description.  (A copy is included in the download too.)

Here is a list of the graphics included:

  1. Arena 2
  2. Bank 5
  3. Box Store 5
  4. Cafe 5
  5. Capital Building
  6. Church 5
  7. Convenience Store 5
  8. Dorm 4
  9. Elementary School 2
  10. Factory 5
  11. Fast Food 5
  12. Greek House 4
  13. Grocery Store 5
  14. High School 2
  15. House 12
  16. Kiosk 2
  17. Lecture Hall 4
  18. Library 2
  19. Lincoln Memorial
  20. Mansion 5
  21. Office Building 9
  22. Restaurant 5
  23. Skyscraper 6
  24. Stadiums 3
  25. Strip Malls 11
  26. Tenements 5
  27. Townhouse 6
  28. White House

Also included: Bus Stops, Fountains, Mailboxes, Parking Lots, Swimming Pools and more!

Here are a couple of full size building samples:

We do expect to make Cityographer more widely available as soon as it reaches beta status.

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