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Monster Coloring Book PDFs Launched

As part of our Creature and Encounter Card Decks Kickstarter, we promised to make two coloring book PDFs available to backers of the project.  That actually multiplied to four different coloring books: “Less Scary” Monsters – A selection of 32

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Old School Maps for Roll20

If you’re using the virtual-table-top Roll20 and you like “old school” maps in the style of some of the guys who have done many of the geomorphs for our DungeonMorphs, map-maker extraordinaire Matt Jackson has just what you need. 10

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Tales of the Floating Vagabond Kickstarter: 10 Days Left

In case you missed it: The Kickstarter to enable the completion, printing, and release of a brand new edition of this classic* comedy role-playing game ends in 10 days! *(Classic status not confirmed) It has been over 20 years since

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Creature Knowledge Check Cards & Mini-Adventure Cards Now Available

Early this year Inkwell Ideas did a Kickstarter to create creature info card decks as well as a couple of mini-adventure cards decks.  (With the help of many artists and writers Andrew Shields, David Winterbottom and editor Chad Mercer.) The

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