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Monday Maps: Square Houses

This post includes a few medieval house battlemat floorplans. Previously a guildhouse, gatehouse, jails, shops, town halls, temples, a wizard’s tower, medieval homes, taverns  and inns have been posted. Feel free to use them for your game!  The Dungeonographer (.dgo)

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New Terrain Types Added to Hexographer

Wilderness/Area/World Map software Hexographer has been updated with several new terrain types based on user requests.  The new terrain choices are: dead forest wetlands, evergreen wetlands, forest wetlands, jungle wetlands, mixed (coniferous & deciduous) forest, heavy mixed forest, mixed forest

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Cityographer 1.0 Released (City Map & Details Generator & Editor)

Inkwell Ideas is pleased to announce the release of Cityographer 1.0!  The project has been in open beta for about a year. With the addition of one final feature and several fixes it has reached the 1.0 milestone. You can

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4 House Rules for Every RPG

These great ideas come from amishbreakfast on reddit, with my comments added: If you roll a die and it goes off the table, it’s a natural zero. This encourages players to roll on the table because dropping dice breaks up

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Monday Maps: Guildhouse

This post shows a map for a 2-level guildhouse.  The main floor features a large meeting room, a bar operated by the guild, a storage room, and a couple of smaller meeting rooms. The upper floor has offices and two

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