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Extra Configuration in Hexographer 2

As you may have heard (based on our prior two posts) Hexographer 2 is coming soon.  (No definitive ETA yet because we want to have a good demo version ready.)  You can get more information and sign up for the

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Curved Lines in Hexographer 2

Hexographer 2/Worldographer is coming soon.  More details and a email signup to get the launch announcement are here. Another new feature that may not seem like much but will improve the look of your maps is the ability to do

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Hexographer 2 Coming Soon…

Back from vacation and ready to pick up the pace on our next project… We don’t have an exact date yet as we’re still working on several features for the demo version, but we’re ready to start posting about this. 

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New 5e Fiendopedia & 5e Creature Decks

We’ve just released our latest 5e Fiendopedia: Hidden Fey!  After a hiatus (due to creating the 5e Creature Decks, see below) the 5e Fiendopedias are back.  We expect to release more in the coming weeks with many of the same

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NPC Portraits Decks:
Adventurers, Townsfolk, and Hirelings

Non-Player Character card decks for any RPG. Portraits on the front. Personality and background on the back. Late Pledges Possible!

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