Sylvan Battlemat Icons Preview on Patreon

This is the final preview of our Patreon (an opt-in monthly subscription) for map icon mini-sets for use with our software programs.  This month’s theme is Sylvan, and this post has the Dungeonographer map icons.  These are perfect to make battlemats.  Each image is sized so that 300 pixels = 1? printed = 5? in real life.

This set includes several trees, forest ground tiles/textures, images for making a stone wall, and more.  See below!

Each month we have 4 map icon sets: isometric map icons (good for Worldographer, but usable in Hexographer 1 as well–see the image above); more flat/classic & 1e style icons for Worldographer or Hexographer; more dungeon and building interior graphics perfect for Dungeonographer; and more city/village building icons designed for Cityographer. Each month will have a theme. All the graphics will be transparent PNGs, so they should be usable in other map & image editors as well.

As before, we’ll be posting previews of each set, and making a single paid Patreon post near the end of the month with the actual graphic sets.  Our plan is to do one set of each type per month in one paid post.  (One set of 15+ isometric icons, one set of 15+ city icons, one set of 15+ dungeon/building interior icons, one set of 15+ flat/classic world map icons.)

Dungeon Battlemat Sylvan Icons Preview

Dungeon Battlemat Sylvan Icons Preview

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