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Wizard Tower Battlemat Icons Preview

This is the last January preview of our Patreon (an opt-in monthly subscription) map icon mini-sets for use with our software programs.  This month’s theme is Wizard Towers, and this post has the Dungeonographer/battlemat map icons.  Each image is sized so that

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Wizard Towers City Scale Map Icons Patreon Preview

This post has a preview of our city scale Wizard Towers themed Patreon icons for January 2019 by artist/cartographer Keith Curtis.  If you’re not familiar with Patreon, it is something like an opt-in monthly subscription.  The set has a tower

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Encampment Encounters: Wild Goose Chase

Tags: Wilderness, Theft, Thieves, Bandits Setup: The PCs are lured away from their camp so their belongings can be looted. Encounters: As the PCs are finishing a meal before some turn in to bed, a ruckus is heard in the

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Hexplorations: Wizard’s Tower

Below is a multi-column chart for the details of a wizard’s tower–our third “hexploration.” This matches up with this month’s Patreon of map icons for creating your own maps. (Each month we’re creating 15+ icons for each of 4 styles:

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Rest Sidequests: Night Hag

Tags: Wilderness, Dreams, Night Hag Setup: Usually, when a group of PCs rest they set watches and don’t worry about attackers in dreams. Now they will! A night hag visits their camp, attempting to wear them down. Encounters: The night

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Wizard Tower/Location Classic World Map Icons Preview

Our Patreon (something like a monthly subscription) continues this month with wizard location themed map icon mini-sets for use with our software programs.  This post has the Worldographer/Hexographer classic style map icons in an in-use map preview below.  See our prior post

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Patreon Map Icons Preview: Isometric World/Kingdom Wizard Towers

Magiocracy of Ulm Generations ago the Archmage Ulm foresaw a time when wizards would be persecuted for the evil acts of a few. Through powerful divination spells, he determined the best way to keep magic alive in the land was

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Hexplorations: Shipwrecks

Our second “hexploration” (charts for details of things you may encounter in a hex crawl or simply developing your world) focuses on shipwrecks. While researching this, I found an article that details causes for shipwrecks including some strange but real

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Worldographer Cities & Villages Update

We’re continuing to shake out the bugs in the recently released settlement building functionality of Worldographer.  You can always get the latest version at The latest fixes centered on the configuration the data used to generate a new city

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Weird Uses of Monsters

In a fantasy world, monsters don’t have to be just foes.  A city or town can make agreements with a nearby tribe of goblins, send adventurers out to make a mutually beneficial contract with a Medusa, or summon an elemental

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