Altars by Domain Dungeon/Battlemat Icons Patreon Preview

Our third February preview of our Patreon (an opt-in monthly subscription) map icon mini-sets for use with our software programs features altars (and a couple pews) to fit this month’s temples theme. This post has the Dungeonographer/battlemat map icons.  Each image is sized so that 300 pixels = 1? printed = 5? in real life.

To fit our temples theme for battlemat icons, artist/Cartographer Keith Curtis settled on the most unique aspect of each temple: the altar.  He then envisioned what the altars would be like in the temples to gods of various domains and below you see the results as well as two pew styles to round out the set.

Each month we have 4 map icon sets: isometric map icons (good for Worldographer, but usable in Hexographer 1 as well); more flat/classic & 1e style icons for Worldographer or Hexographer; more dungeon and building interior graphics perfect for Dungeonographer; and more city/village building icons designed for Cityographer or Worldographer’s new city/village mapping features. Each month has a theme. All the graphics will be transparent PNGs, so they should be usable in other map & image editors as well.

As before, we’ll be posting previews of each set, and making a single paid Patreon post near the end of the month with the actual graphic sets.  Our plan is to do one set of each type per month in one paid post for our Patreon supporters.  (One set of 15+ isometric icons, one set of 15+ city icons, one set of 15+ dungeon/building interior icons, one set of 15+ flat/classic world map icons.)

Don’t forget: all Patreon backers will get a free code to the battlemat/dungeon functionality if they are a backer on the date we release it, which will be before the end of March.

Patreon Temple Battlemat Icons Preview

Patreon Temple Battlemat Icons Preview

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