DungeonMorph Descriptions & More Designs Previews

The new DungeonMorphs Kickstarter will have something the previous DungeonMorph sets didn’t have: short descriptions of each design!  These will give you an idea of how a design may be used.  You can completely ignore them if you want, and if a particular design gives you a great idea without looking at the write-ups, then use it!  But if you’re struggling a bit with what could be the purpose of a design, who may be in a particular room or what might be the use of the room, these write-ups will help you flesh things out. If you’re using the designs for solo play, these descriptions can help point your story in one direction or another.

At our $20,000 stretch goal, we’ll give you description ideas for most rooms of each design. Basically, what you see before the “Expanded Options” section in the linked PDF. At $22,500, we’ll add a section that is something like the “Expanded Options” section in the linked PDF and a section like the “Alternate Purposes for this Design” for each design.

Below are a few designs we posted as a project update last week in case you missed them:

More DungeonMorph previews.

More DungeonMorph previews.

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