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Free City/Settlement Map Icons: High Seas (Port Buildings, Ships, Etc.)

Every month, we make 15+ map icons for each of 4 styles through our Patreon: Classic world/kingdom map icons. Isometric world/kingdom map icons. Top-down building icons for cities/villages Top-down battlemat icons for dungeons, building interiors and other tactical maps. Last

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Elven Battlemat Icons Preview

Below is the last preview for this month of our map icons Patreon (a sort of opt-in subscription): Elf Battlemat Icons.  The set has a pair of floor tiles/textures, a few beds, a couple chairs (and a throne), a few

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Elf World/Kingdom Map Icons

Two map icon preview sets for our Patreon (a sort of opt-in subscription) today: Elf World/Kingdom Map Icons in both the classic and isometric styles.  Each set has 17 icons: There are city, town, and village icons for each of

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Elvish Settlements Patreon Map Icons

Each month, Inkwell Ideas creates 4 new mini-sets of icons as part of a Patreon.  (Sort of an opt-in monthly subscription.)  Each is 15+ icons. One has world/kingdom map icons in a classic style, a second has world/kingdom icons in

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