Worldographer v1.170 Released: Denser Cities, Apartments, New UI for World & Name Config

We released version 1.170 of Worldographer last weekend. You can get it via

City example with narrow buildings and apartments.

City example with narrow buildings and apartments.

The image above shows a bunch of “Narrow” buildings that Keith Curtis made and we’re now including in Worldographer at no extra charge.  If you create a new city and mark it “Dense” (there is a “Dense” checkbox on the New City/Village Setup screen) then the buildings near the center of the city will be close together and most will be narrow.  We already were making an attempt to put them close together if dense is checked, but now we place them a bit closer and we’re using the Narrow versions of the buildings.  There are several narrow houses and most of the common shops have narrow versions.

In addition, you can see several apartment buildings in the screenshot which have also been added to the program.  These are not auto-placed when a city is generated, but you can delete a few buildings and add them just like any other building via the features drawer.

As also noted in the title, we have a new UI for setting up the name and world data.  To use it go to the Configure menu.  This was a lot to add in one release, so we expect to release a number of bug fixes in the next week or two related to these new features.

This ongoing support is partly thanks to our Patreon supporters who get extra icons each month and can vote in polls for our icon themes and new features. This month’s theme is statues and monuments.  We’re looking at doing most of the 7 Wonders (ancient and modern) and doing fantasy and ruined/decaying versions as well.

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