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New NPC Portraits Decks Kickstarter Launches!

Inkwell Ideas has just launched a new Kickstarter to make three new NPC decks with stretch goals that could unlock two more decks as well as other bonuses. The three main decks are Adventurers, Hirelings, and Townsfolk. Each will have

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New Fog of War/Explore Feature & Tokens in Worldographer

Inkwell Ideas just released a large update to Worldographer to facilitate on-line play. Worldographer is already an easy to use role-playing game map editor for world/kingdom maps, city/town/village maps, and dungeon/battlemats. But with the new & improved Fog of War/Exploration

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Free Underdark Duergar, Goblin, & Svirfneblin Isometric World/Kingdom Icons

The icon set many of you voted last month to make free (subject to the included license) is our isometric style Underdark duergar, goblins, svirfneblin, & more set!  (Drow were in another month.) For your convenience, here are all the

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A Few More Adventurer NPCs

As we posted about a week ago, we’re about to launch a new Kickstarter in soon for at least three new NPC Portraits Decks: Adventurers, Coastal Townsfolk, and Henchmen & Hirelings. This post previews a few more NPCs from the

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