DungeonMorphs: Cities Descriptions 4m, 5m, & 6m

City tiles M4, M5, & M6

City tiles M4, M5, & M6

Back in February we started a “series” of descriptions for our older DungeonMorph designs.  This concept was based on our book of encounter ideas for each of the new DungeonMorphs. We’re finally getting these new descriptions of our older designs written and posted regularly–this is the 4th in the series. These descriptions are shorter than those in the book, but they should give you something to get started. As always, change them up and/or add to them as much as needed to fit your setting.

Note: Each die is given a letter code. These designs go with the “m” die, for sides 4, 5, & 6. See the image for small versions of the actual designs.


  • The organization of this section of town shows it to be a well-kept area with many friendly residents. The large building with the small add-on in the center section is the home of one of the town’s supervisors, Frascello. The town guard patrols this area more often because the supervisor lives here.
  • Both “L” shaped corner buildings in this area serve as fast food stores.  A countertop faces both roads and is filled with a buffet of foods.  A worker on the inside walks along the buffet with the customer filling up a plate as the customer picks items. (They want to minimize food walking away.)  Several pots of hot foods sit in holes in the countertop with small fires underneath keeping the food warm.
  • The three buildings in the upper right are three workshops (clockwise from top) : a cobbler (Yoseph, known for quality work at reasonable prices), leatherworker (Yasin, also know for good work at a good price, but his top apprentice has recently left), and weaver (Yarmy, who works day and night to keep his prices competitive with other weavers but resents the hours and needs more assistants as well).


  • This part of town is the home of a top merchant’s large mansion. Argus the Caravan Master worked his way up from running his own small caravan selecting the best goods to come into the city, driving hard bargains, then taking the caravan on a circular route through nearby towns. He hired others to do the same and eventually rose to be the master of the caravan guild. He’s learned a smaller cut of nearly all trade is more money than a larger percentage of just his own caravan (or even two or three).
  • Argus has his own guards, so the town guard doesn’t patrol this area often.
  • The lack of patrols has gotten the interest of a strange religious cult.  They are attempting to gain Argus’s trust in the hope of turning the mansion into their headquarters.  Already all the nearby buildings are occupied by cultists.


  • Several months ago, an underground explosion destroyed a garden/nature shrine located in a park in the center of this area. The explosion destroyed the surface and the sewer levels, exposing a lower level underwater lake. Barriers, screens, and magic are used to avoid contaminating the lake with sewage.
  • The town supervisors have learned who caused the explosion, but they don’t want to make that public yet.  Perhaps they want an edge to help capture the perpetrators, or a supervisor has ties to the organization, etc.
  • The round tower is used by the city guard to observe the crater.  The square building in the lower right is used by the perpetrators to watch for a sign. The other buildings are in use by regular residents of town.
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