DungeonMorphs: Cities Descriptions 1n, 2n, & 3n

City Geomorphs N 1, 2, & 3

In February we started a “series” of descriptions for our older DungeonMorph designs.  These were simplified versions of the one to two page descriptions we created for our newest DungeonMorphs via our book of encounter ideas. We’re getting descriptions of our older designs written and posted–this is the 5th in the series. These descriptions are shorter than those in the book, but they should give you some ideas for each design to get started. As always, change them up and/or add to them as much as needed to fit your setting.

Note: Each die is given a letter code. These designs go with the “n” die, for sides 1, 2, & 3. See the image for small versions of the actual designs.


  • The dominant feature of this tile is the large fountain dedicated to the water god. He is depicted as a squid-like creature in the centerpiece of the fountain & pool.  A generation or two ago, the town suffered from a major drought that lasted months.  The town had done something to anger the water god (no one talks about that) and the religious leaders divined that the only way to appease him was to erect this large 20′ high statue/fountain of him and surround it with a large pool. The day after the resolution was approved, light rain came and a minimal amount fell every few days while it was built. Once completed, a three day rain helped restore the balance and rain has come on average once a week ever since.
  • The smallest building in the section to the left of the statue is a small forward operating base of another religious group that considers the statue a blasphemy to its religion.  It plans to destroy the statue.  Hooded figures are seen coming and going at dusk and dawn, but no one wants to challenge them.
  • The large building below the statue is “Orden’s Common House”.  They are known for the best lamb and dark mead in town.  Six rooms above are also available for rent. Orden is a cheerful halfling who only employs other halflings as he’s found they have the best demeanor with all the other races typically coming through town.


  • This section of town was bought up by one businessman, Gilthas Sarbane, who wanted to provide small homes for his workers who could live rent-free, as long as they were employed.  The homes are of good quality, but all (almost 30) follow nearly the same plan.  A few are slightly bigger than others and are reserved for foremen and managers.
  • The three largest buildings are the various workshops of the company.  It makes wagons and coaches. One building is a woodshop where the workers cut and finish the wood. (Gilthas has contracts with every blacksmith in town for metal parts & nails).  Another building is an assembly area and the third is storage (both for material and completed vehicles).
  • The medium sized building in the upper left is Gilthas’s home where he, his wife Anyta, and five children Anya (15), Sanwin (13), Ergun (12), Mella (10), and Sten (8) live. Each of the children attend school, and also learn the various jobs of the business on non-school days.


  • The large central building is a temple to Neroon, god of commerce and wealth.  The circles on the roof aren’t actually domes, they are nearly flat (but slightly sloped to avoid water accumulating) stained glass windows in the shape of coins of the realm.  The temple also serves as a bank and uses divine and arcane magical devices between temples throughout the land to keep ledgers up to date. (A person can make a deposit in one temple, and then make a withdrawal in another.) Messages may also be sent instantly through their network for a fee. (So another person can withdraw from the same account in another city later the same day.)
  • To the right of the temple on the circular street, the top building is home to Starre, an “investor’s advisor”.  She adorns her building near the temple of Neroon with advertisements enticing people to give her their money to invest, promising to double it in just a few years.  But she isn’t very good and her operation has turned into a pyramid scheme.
  • The upper left large square building is the business location of three barbers who joined together to form one business.  In addition to haircuts and shaves, they will also set bones, treat cuts, etc.  For anything long term and serious, they will recommend a large donation to your local temple of choice.
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