Monthly Archives: October 2020

More Magic Sources Patreon Map Icons Previews

A few days ago we previewed our first Patreon map icon set for the month with our “Magic Sources” theme. Now we have the other three sets in this post! The battlemat set has the largest number of icons and

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Deck of Beasts II Kickstarter Live!

We’ve just launched a new Kickstarter to continue our adaptation of Kobold Press’s creature books to cards. Get all 400+ creatures from the Tome of Beasts II on cards. Here are some uses/advantages of cards: Sort out just the monsters

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New Patreon Magic Sources World/Kingdom Icons Preview & Worldographer Updates

It is time to start unveiling the Inkwell Ideas Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) map icons for October. This month the theme is “Magic Sources”. As usual we’ll create icons in a battlemat style, overhead buildings style, and world/kingdom map

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