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Free Map Icons Release & Poll

We’ve just released our free map icons for February.  Each month we make new map icons in four styles: world/kingdom classic, world/kingdom isometric, city/villages/settlements, and dungeon/battlemat as part of our Patreon. We also just released the poll that lets anyone

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Statues & Monuments Isometric & Classic Style World/Kingdom Map Icons Preview

It is time to start unveiling our Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) map icons for March!  This month’s winning theme (as voted on by our supporters is “Statues & Monuments”. The full set will have over 100 icons. 

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Worldographer v1.170 Released: Denser Cities, Apartments, New UI for World & Name Config

We released version 1.170 of Worldographer last weekend. You can get it via The image above shows a bunch of “Narrow” buildings that Keith Curtis made and we’re now including in Worldographer at no extra charge.  If you create

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Nomadic Tribes Map Icons Previews

Our Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription) continues for February with a Nomadic Tribes theme.  As we started last month, we’ve expanded our icon sets to total over 100 icons. The first preview shows the icons for settlement &

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DungeonMorphs: Cities Descriptions 1i, 2i, & 3i

A few months ago we released a book of encounter ideas for each of the new DungeonMorphs.  This post is the first of a series which goes back to our prior designs and adds ideas for each of them. These

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Patreon Preview: Building Map Icons for Keeps & Monasteries

This post is our preview of the keeps & monasteries (plus a few others) building icons for use with city maps which feature home bases for most classes in traditional fantasy role-playing games. Each month, Inkwell Ideas creates 4 new

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Isometric World/Kingdom Level Keeps & Monasteries

Today we have a preview of our isometric world/kingdom Patreon map icons for the month featuring keeps, monasteries, and a few other locations for specific classes.  (We did a month of cleric temples & a month of wizard towers early

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Keeps, Monasteries, & More World Classic Map Icons

Our Patreon map icons theme for December is Keeps, Monasteries, & More.  Early this year we did a month of Wizard Towers and a month of Cleric Towers.  This set allows us to add some icons for each of the

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Post-Apocalypse Isometric Style World/Kingdom Map Icons Preview

Happy Thanksgiving!  A couple days ago we posted our monthly free set of icons.  If you didn’t pick them up, please do check them out. Here is our isometric world/kingdom icons preview of our Patreon map icons for the month:

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Free Castle Isometric Style World/Kingdom Icons

As part of our Patreon (sort of an opt-in monthly subscription), we release one set of 15+ icons for free each month (just follow the included license). See this post to get the newly free icon set. Each month, through

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