Custom Creature/Symbol Graphics

Short Version

If the software doesn’t have the symbol or creature you need, you may order it using the link in the left sidebar.  The payment system will send you an email with an address to send a description of the creature or symbol.  As we finalize your request, you can generally expect replies within one business day.  And once we’re clear on what you want, you should have the graphic within 5 business days. (Usually just 2-3.)

More Details

The Coat of Arms Design Studio has over 400 creatures, symbols and ordinaries built-in. Most come from the Fox-Davies book A Complete Guide to Heraldry.

However, you may want a creature or symbol included in your arms which is not built into the software.  For example, maybe you want a creature in a different pose or perhaps a creature that isn’t in the program at all or maybe you’re doing some modern/personal arms and wish to use a symbol or object that was invented after 1900.

In the past the pro version would let you import a .png, .jpg, or .gif image and use it in your design.  However, because of limitations in those file formats, re-sizing the image might not provide an optimal result and there was no way to change the colors of the image in the Coat of Arms Design Studio.

Now, we’ve added an “Add Custom Image” option when you right click a green square.  This will import most (but not all) SVG images.  SVG is a format that does scale the image nicely when you re-size it and it is possible to re-color the image.

So now using this new feature, we can give you a custom SVG image of the symbol or creature you need.  See the ordering links in the sidebar.


You’re free to use the graphic in any way you want, including for profit. Likewise, if we think the creature or symbol would be of use to others we may include it in the Coat of Arms Design Studio or some other product.