About these Charges

All of the animal, symbol, object and plant charges below are available in the Coat of Arms Designer software. A few more will be added each with each release for the foreseeable future, so keep checking back, or send feedback if there is a particular charge you want to see.

Symbolism of the Charges

Most of the charges listed here also note their supposed meanings or symbolism. Keep in mind that these are just rules of thumb to give you an idea of why you might put them on a coat of arms that you design. There are other reasons you may choose a particular charge. Perhaps you would include the charge of a horse because the person is a championship horse rider, not for the reason listed below. Similarly, when trying to discern the meanings of an older coat of arms you need the designer’s notes for why a charge was included because the reasons can vary widely. Unfortunately these notes are harder to find for older coats of arms.


  • Bears
  • Boars
  • Dragons and Dragonkin
  • Eagles
  • Griffins
  • Lions
  • Other Birds
  • Other Fantastic Creatures (Gargoyles, Pegasus, Unicorns, etc.)
  • Other Natural Creatures (Bears, Horses, Leopards, Wolves, etc.)

Symbols, Objects & Plants

  • Angels
  • Crosses
  • Plants
  • Weapons
  • Other Objects (Anchor, Horseshoe, Tower, etc.)