More Shield Shapes, Plus Order Custom Graphics

Based on a recent suggestion I’ve added three new shield shapes:  circle, vertical flag, and horizontal flag.  These are all in the free and pro versions via the “Select Shield Shape” sub-menu of the “Tools” menu.

And now we’re offering custom charge graphics (symbols and creatures.)  If you’ve got the pro version, you can click the green boxes to add new charges.  A recently added pop-up menu option lets you import/add a custom image.  You can now work with Inkwell Ideas to get exactly the graphic you need.  Even though the software comes with 400 graphics, there’s always a chance it doesn’t have something you need.  In the past I’d take requests and maybe in 6 months it would get added to the software.  Now you’ll be able to get it much faster.  The process goes like this:

  1. Use the “Custom creature or symbol graphic” order button to the left.
  2. You’ll receive an email within minutes of purchasing asking you to send a short description of the creature or symbol to a specific email address.
  3. You’ll get confirmation that assignment has been accepted or a request for more details within one business day. Until the request has been accepted this repeats to ensure you will get the graphic you want.
  4. Your graphic will be emailed to you usually within 2-3 business days.  5 at the most.

You’ll be able to import your graphic into the software immediately using the “Add a custom graphic” option when you click on the green box.  It will work just like the other built-in graphics: it will look sharp even when re-sized, you can move it and you can even re-color it using the Coat of Arms Design Studio.

Even though you can import it immediately, at some point in the future the graphic may be added to the set of built-in graphics or it may be part of some other add-on product.

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