New Pro Version Features: More Shield Shapes, Import SVG Graphics

About a week ago a new version of the Coat of Arms Design Studio was released.  Because these are significant new features, I felt it best to “soft launch” the new version.  This concept is to not publicize the change so that if there is a problem it can be fixed before too many people run into the bug.

The new shield shapes are all for users of the Pro version.  Previously in the free and pro versions you could go to the “Options” menu to select a lozenge or plain rectangle in addition to the traditional shield shape.  Now there are five more options, but these new options are only available in the Pro version.  (See the left sidebar to order it.)

Also for Pro version users there is a new option to add an SVG graphic.  When you click on the green squares to add objects to the design, you’ll see an “Add an SVG Image” pop-up menu item.  This is still experimental because it only works properly with about 1/2 of the SVG images I’ve tried, but it is very useful so I thought I would include it now.  It is even more useful that adding other images because it will detect which colors are used in the image and let you change them in the Coat of Arms Design Studio software just like you can with the built-in images. (Resizing and repositioning also work.)  I plan to debug this feature further so it will hopefully work with most SVG graphics.

To see if you’re using the latest version, go to the software’s “Help” menu and select “About.”  The version with these features is version 1.0 or later.  In most cases, you get the updated version when you next use the software.  However, if you bought the pro version and need the download link again you may always email support at inkwellideas dot com to get the download information re-sent to you.

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