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    At the bottom of the Shapes dropdown it says:

    Edit Shapes Reminder: Control-Drag: Move point; Shift-Click: Delete point; Alt-Click: Add point to middle of line.

    The Control-Drag and Shift-Click work well for lines and polygons, but the Alt-Click only works for lines.

    For a while now I’ve thought that it was a bug that you couldn’t Alt-Click to add a point in the middle of a line that makes up a polygon, but in typing this, I’m beginning to wonder if I’m not really after an enhancement. I’ve been working on some large maps with custom coastlines. It would save me huge amounts of time moving points or deleting entire shapes so I can redraw them with enough points to achieve the shape I want if I could just add some points into the middle of my lines. Is there any way this ability can be added to the polygon shapes?



    This is weird….

    It seems you can indeed add a point using Alt-Click, but only if you try to add it between the last and the second last point drawn in your polygon.

    Anywhere else it will insert the point as mentioned and drag the point to wherever you Alt-click thus ruining your polygon.

    So, I do think the functionality you request is indeed there, it is “just” broken.



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    Oh good; I’m glad this is a fairly fresh thread. I found it while googling this exact difficulty.

    Even with lines, it’s a bit wonky. I’ll alt-click on a line segment, and it’ll add a point – but not as part of that line segment, but as part of a different segment of the same line. I’ll do this a few times, at different points on the line segment, until it finally adds one to the right line segment.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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