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    As I have a vision disability and need to use High Contrast Black on my Win10 PC, I enjoy using the Worldographer software for my D&D campaign but its usability is limited due to certain parts of it not properly conforming to the vision mode I need to use.
    – Drop down menus from the tool bar do not change to white text.
    – many popup windows from the tool menu options have large white on white coloration settings.
    – Terrain icons in the selection window to the right have white instead of black text making labels difficult to read.
    – the grid lines are not visible as they are black while the background changed to black, making the layout window complete black.

    After talking to some programmers I work with they seem to agree that these kinds of problems are due to the inclusion of DLLs that do not support the vision accessibility options in Windows PC and if they are included that effort wasn’t put into making sure all aspects of a program are conforming to the DLLs when necessary.

    I don’t know if either of these is the case but as I have purchased the software I would like to see proper visual accessibility support included.




    Its probably not the DLLs… I probably have to make some changes to support this. Is there a standard or spec I should look for? And/or an application that does this well?



    The things I have found so far are a problem in High Contrast (black) mode on win10 are;
    1. The drop menus from the tool bar (upper left) have black test on black background, probably should be white text or conform to the coloration setting for text that is present in the Theme specified by windows for the current user. (I believe this can be found in the registry)

    2. The preview/zome map (in the upper right) is completely black, this window should not probably be overridden.

    3. Highlight states of the controls/options in the windows on the right (View Options, Layers, Terrain, Features, Shapes, Labels, Trace Underlay) are very difficult to see. They simply appear as slightly brighter when selected instead of having some kind of border outline that can be easily seen or distinguished from the other non-selected controls.

    As far as an application that does this well, at this point the best applications that conform are the MS Office applications Outlook, Word, there may be others outside of the MS ecosystem but I use both of these alot for work and require no special tweaking to meet my needs. These 2 applications conform very well by putting my PC into High Contrast – Black mode in the windows settings and using the built in Dark theme of my office settings makes them perfectly usable for me.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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