NPC Portraits Deck: Fantasy

Sample NPC card.  (Click to Enlarge.)

Sample NPC card. (Click to Enlarge.)

Our NPC Portraits Deck features 54 fantasy characters where each card has a portrait on one side and the back has minimal system neutral style stats, personality and background for the character.

  • Need a quick Non-Player Character picture & background & personality because the players want to interact more with a character? Our NPC Portraits Deck has over 50 characters. Of course you’re free to adjust the NPC’s info to fit the situation.
  • Doing a one-shot and don’t want to take time to generate characters?  Use the NPC Portraits Deck and adjust levels, abilities and equipment.
  • Every character is designed to have a couple of interesting story hooks.  Each of these can lead to further adventures!

These cards are available as PDF and as print-on-demand cards through RPGNow/DriveThruRPG.

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