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Update 27 Dec 2010: There are now options to add a symbol and a symbol background (a geometric shape optionally behind the symbol) to the superhero's chest and/or head. You can add the symbol or the background shape or both. But wait--there is more! Another option is an eyemask. This basically increases the number of options to 5 heads x 5 torsos x 5 legs x 7 symbol options on chest x 4 symbol backgrounds on chest x 7 symbol options on head x 4 symbol backgrounds on head x 2 for eyemask or no eyemask = 196,000 variations, not counting colors!

New 22 Dec 2010: This is a brand new tool (alpha! not nearly finished! pardon the plain UI!) designed to make it easy to come up with a superhero sketch. A few extra options are planned in the next couple of weeks, and female figures and other (robot, alien, etc.) figures are planned a few weeks after that.

Hair Color:

Skin Color:

Head Style:

Primary Head Color:

Secondary Head Color:

Head Symbol Background:

Head Symbol Background Color:

Head Symbol:

Head Symbol Color:

Eyemask & Color:

Torso Style:

Primary Torso Color:

Secondary Torso Color:

Belt Color:

Chest Symbol Background:

Chest Symbol Background Color:

Chest Symbol:

Chest Symbol Color:

Leg Style:

Primary Leg Color:

Secondary Leg Color:

To save, view the page source and copy the text from the <svg> tag to the </svg> and then paste it into a text file, naming it with a .svg extension. Any image viewer that can read svg files (web browsers included) should be able to view it.

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