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New NPC Portraits Decks Kickstarter Launches!

Inkwell Ideas has just launched a new Kickstarter to make three new NPC decks with stretch goals that could unlock two more decks as well as other bonuses. The three main decks are Adventurers, Hirelings, and Townsfolk. Each will have

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Magic Item Card Catalog for 5e Now on Amazon, DriveThru/RPGNow & Inkwell Ideas

We’ve finished fulfilling our Magic Item Card Catalog for 5e Kickstarter! (Aside from a few backers we’re waiting to hear back from.) The Magic Item Card Catalog is currently a collection of 10 decks of Magic Item cards, with 54

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5e Creature Decks: Nonplayer Characters Expanded & Released!

A year or so ago, Inkwell Ideas released a mini-deck of 23 5e NPCs.  Now, we’ve more than doubled the number of cards in 5e Creature Decks: Nonplayer Characters.  We’ve also redone some of the prior artwork as well and created a printed

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5e Magic Item Card Catalog Kickstarter Passes Goal; More Previews; Starts Stretch Goals

Inkwell Ideas’ 5e Magic Item Card Catalog Kickstarter project hit its initial goal and is now working towards a number of stretch goals.  These include extra art for some items which are so common they will have duplicate cards, extra art

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SideQuest Decks now Available on Amazon

Our  Sidequest Decks are now on Amazon!  (Prime too!) These are revised, expanded & updated versions of our popular Encounter Decks.  Each card has a mini adventure with: The main map area on one side. A sentence or two of background GM info.

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NPC Portraits Deck: Monsters Released

One of our best-selling products is “NPC Portraits Deck: Fantasy”.  Each card is an NPC with a portrait on the front and system neutral stats, personality, background, and more on the back. Now we’ve just launched NPC Portaits Deck: Monsters. 

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“NPC Portraits Deck: Fantasy” Released & “Encounter Decks” Re-released

(Get samples on the linked pages below!) Inkwell Ideas is pleased to announce the release of its “NPC Portraits Deck: Fantasy” cards.  These were soft-launched a couple of weeks ago, but now we’re sure they are correct and we are

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More RPG Card Decks Previews

We’ve made a couple of new updates to the RPG Card Decks Kickstarter.  A couple of days ago we posted three new creature card samples.  See one below: And today we posted three new adventure cards.  Here is one of

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Previewing Our Next DungeonMorph Dice/Cards Kickstarter

We’re putting the finishing touches on our next Kickstarter project: DungeonMorph Dice & Cards Cities & Villages. We may launch as early as tomorrow, but before we do we wanted to get a few more eyes on the project to

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Creature Decks w/System Neutral/Ecology Info Available on DriveThru/Cards/RPGNow

We have just activated for sale our System Neutral Creature Card Decks on the DriveThruRPG family of websites.  The cards are also on their DriveThruCards and RPGNow storefronts.  For each product you can buy the physical cards which will include

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