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DungeonMorphs: Cities Descriptions 4m, 5m, & 6m

Back in February we started a “series” of descriptions for our older DungeonMorph designs.  This concept was based on our book of encounter ideas for each of the new DungeonMorphs. We’re finally getting these new descriptions of our older designs

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DungeonMorphs: Cities Descriptions 1i, 2i, & 3i

A few months ago we released a book of encounter ideas for each of the new DungeonMorphs.  This post is the first of a series which goes back to our prior designs and adds ideas for each of them. These

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New DungeonMorph Dice Coming Soon

In case you missed the Kickstarter for more DungeonMorph Dice & Card sets, we expect to ship them in a little over a month and the pledge manager has now opened! We’ve been hard at work finalizing all of the

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New DungeonMorph Stretch Goals, More Samples!

The DungeonMorph Dice & Cards Kickstarter has finished its originally planned stretch goals… but then it occurred to us that we have more than a day to go, and wouldn’t it be cool to keep things going? How about we

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DungeonMorphs Kickstarter Ends in 2 Days

In two days (well, 2.5 days because basically because the campaign ends Thursday evening) the latest DungeonMorph Kickstarter ends.  The project is funded, and several stretch goals have been unlocked!  Here are some we’ve unlocked so far: A bonus die

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DungeonMorph Descriptions & More Designs Previews

The new DungeonMorphs Kickstarter will have something the previous DungeonMorph sets didn’t have: short descriptions of each design!  These will give you an idea of how a design may be used.  You can completely ignore them if you want, and

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DungeonMorph Dice Nominated for Origins Award!

We’re proud to share that our DungeonMorph Dice have been nominated for a 2017 Origins (Adventure Gaming Arts & Design) Award.  These awards celebrate the best concepts & design in tabletop gaming. There are six sets of DungeonMorph Dice. Each

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GMs’ Day Sale: DungeonMorph Dice, Fate & System Neutral Creature Decks, Dungeonographer, Cityographer & More

Now through March 5th Inkwell Ideas has its GMs’ Day sale running! Get 30% off all our DungeonMorph Dice & Cards, System Neutral/Ecology Creature Decks, Fate Creature Decks, as well as the Coat of Arms Design Studio, Dungeonographer and Cityographer

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Need a Quick City/Village/Ruins Map? DungeonMorphs: Cities, Villages & Ruins PDF & 6″x6″ Cards Released

Inkwell Ideas has recently released DungeonMorphs: Cities, Ruins, & Villages after a successful Kickstarter! These cards or PDF bring the same “connect mini-maps together” concept of our original dungeon & cavern DungeonMorphs to various settlement types!  A preview is also

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Tomb #GeomorphMapContest Winners; Next Contest Announced

Time to wrap up the “Tomb” edition of the Geomorph Map Contest.  The winner gets a free electronic copy of Chubby Monster Games’ Moleskin Maps and a set of our DungeonMorph Dice. Our Runners-Up: Jim McLaughlin’s “Secret Tomb” is a

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NPC Portraits Decks:
Adventurers, Townsfolk, and Hirelings

Non-Player Character card decks for any RPG. Portraits on the front. Personality and background on the back. Late Pledges Possible!

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