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New NPC Portraits Decks Kickstarter Launches!

Inkwell Ideas has just launched a new Kickstarter to make three new NPC decks with stretch goals that could unlock two more decks as well as other bonuses. The three main decks are Adventurers, Hirelings, and Townsfolk. Each will have

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A Few More Adventurer NPCs

As we posted about a week ago, we’re about to launch a new Kickstarter in soon for at least three new NPC Portraits Decks: Adventurers, Coastal Townsfolk, and Henchmen & Hirelings. This post previews a few more NPCs from the

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New NPC Portraits Decks 18 Card Preview

Our NPC Portraits Decks are a consistent best seller.  Each card has an interesting portrait on the front and useful system neutral personality & background info filled with plot hooks/ideas on the back. Together with writer Andrew Shields, we’ve wanted

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More Decks of Beasts/Creature Card Codices Kickstarter Hits Stretch Goal

Our Kickstarter for more Decks of Beasts & Creature Card Codices ends January 13th 11pm US Eastern. We’ve released a series of seven creature decks (three Decks of Beasts from the Tome of Beasts and four Creature Card Codices from

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New DungeonMorph Stretch Goals, More Samples!

The DungeonMorph Dice & Cards Kickstarter has finished its originally planned stretch goals… but then it occurred to us that we have more than a day to go, and wouldn’t it be cool to keep things going? How about we

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DungeonMorphs Kickstarter Ends in 2 Days

In two days (well, 2.5 days because basically because the campaign ends Thursday evening) the latest DungeonMorph Kickstarter ends.  The project is funded, and several stretch goals have been unlocked!  Here are some we’ve unlocked so far: A bonus die

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DungeonMorph Battlemat Samples

Our DungeonMorph Dice & Cards Kickstarter continues!  Last night we unlocked a stretch goal so that most backers get a PDF of our 10″ Battlemat cards.  Below is a sample of several placed adjacent to each other.  You can pick

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DungeonMorph Dice & Cards Kickstarter Hitting Stretch Goals

The project to make new DungeonMorph dice & cards funded a couple days ago and is about to hit its second stretch goal! Here is a list of the stretch goals: $16,250 – Everyone pledging for the 3 new dice

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DungeonMorph Descriptions & More Designs Previews

The new DungeonMorphs Kickstarter will have something the previous DungeonMorph sets didn’t have: short descriptions of each design!  These will give you an idea of how a design may be used.  You can completely ignore them if you want, and

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Dungeon Geomorphs Dice & Cards Kickstarter Previews

These are a few examples of what everyone working on the new DungeonMorphs project has submitted (Tim has a special situation where he is sending rough sketches, so his was converted to the classic-blue style first.  All the others will

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NPC Portraits Decks:
Adventurers, Townsfolk, and Hirelings

Non-Player Character card decks for any RPG. Portraits on the front. Personality and background on the back. Late Pledges Possible!

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