Medieval Revisited Isometric World/Kingdom & Battlemat Map Icons Previews

We previewed two of our Medieval Revisited map icon mini-sets already. Here are the other two–(isometric world/kingdom & battlemat). Each month we make 100+ total icons in 4 styles: these, classic world/kingdom, settlement, & battlemat. Support us/get them (at the end of the month) via Patreon!

202211 Battlemat Medieval Revisited
Medieval Revisited battlemat icons have a whole new set of furniture in cherry finish; new alternates for a few other features like a forge, well, & hearth; and several basic furnishings like a bed that is just a board, straw, & sheet.


202211 Isometric World/Kingdom Medieval Revisited
Medieval Revisited Isometric World/Kingdom icons feature several towns and villages based on various industries, plus a couple castles, standing stones, and more!