Upcoming Features

Short Term

  • More charges.
  • More decorative (raguly, embattled, etc) lines for ordinaries.
  • Refactoring (making the code easier to fix and add features, but this isn’t a new feature itself.)

Medium Term

  • Support varying partition lines
  • Perform a check for the rules of tincture
  • Save groups of objects for reuse
  • “Undo” a change or series of changes

Long Term

  • Import custom images as new charges
  • Parse Blazon
  • Output Blazon

Charges & Ordinaries Queue

The following is the list of charges that have been requested. I’ll do my best to add these in order, but charges with matching public domain images available that fit the style may be added before others.

  1. Hydra
  2. Crane
  3. Cedar Tree Eradicated
  4. Books
  5. Staffs
  6. Bags of grain/wool

The following is a list of ordinaries I’ll be adding:

  1. Chequy
  2. Quarterly en equerre
  3. Fretty


Upcoming Features — 18 Comments

  1. I use the free version a lot, it’s excellent.. thank for the work, guys!

    Suggestions for a charge – the egyptian-esoteric ankh(?) cross-symbol. And a palm tree too, like on the flag of South Carolina and Maldives (I think).

  2. Congratulations for your work! It’s the best heraldry site!

    I have a suggestion for a charge – an Alphyn. And I think that the palm that Ubbergeek suggested is a great idea, too.

  3. This web site is awesome. I,m in the SCA and drawing up heraldry designs for some of my friends. This site saves me alot of time I used to draw them all up by hand. I do have a request though can you add mermaids, peacocks and hedgehogs to you charges list please. Thank you for all your hard work.

  4. Hi Joe,

    I really like the program. Something that would make it closer to perfect for me (and something I’ve suggested before, but perhaps in the wrong place) are two new shield shapes.

    First, a ‘flag’ shape. A quick look around suggests that 3:5 ratio is commonly used (individual flags may be different proportions, but are often standardized to this aspect ratio. Flags seem to often share characteristics of shields, and being able to apply this as a ‘flag generator’ would make it more useful for me.

    Second, a ’round shield’. Round shields may not have been a common thing in coats of arms, but I can imagine a setting where they might be, at least in places. It also makes it very easy to apply this tool as a generator for holy symbols and would be a killer addition for me.

    You’re doing a great job, thanks.


  5. Geoff: I’m going to have news about new charges soon.
    Keith: Yeah, those should be easy to implement. Look for them in the next few days. (Two weeks at the outside.)

  6. I proudly own the Pro Version. Love it!

    Ideas for Ordinaries from “A Complete Guide to Heraldry” by A.C. Fox-Davies:

    Fountain (pg 451)
    Brock (Badger) (pg 215)
    Ape Collared and Chained. (pg 215)
    Pomegranate(pg 246)
    Fasces (pg 291)

  7. Up to now, I’d been using Pete Barrett’s Blazon program. It lost a lot of functionality with Windows 7. Your program (Pro resion) works in my OS, and the improved graphics are of course a delight. I’m excited to see the upcoming changes. How far enough are escutcheonss of pretense?

  8. One more question. When you add features, will my Pro version update automatically, or is there some other way to do this? Sorry if youve answered this already. I did not see it mentioned. Thanks!

  9. I own the pro version and love it! There are some common charges that I use quite often and are not included as of yet, unfortunately. I would suggest including in a future version:
    Leopard’s head jessant-de-lys
    Lion’s head jessant-de-lys

  10. The flags are nifty, but… if you’re going there, the tapering pennon/pennoncelle is more traditional, as is the standard, either tapering to two round points, or rectangular but with a swallowtail… Since most of us using it will be doing so for medieval or fantasy gaming, those should be the fairly normative versions presented. Also, the traditional medieval banner is essentially square… but with a variety of swallowtails.