DungeonMorph Dice Manufacturing Update (Early/Mid October)

I don’t quite have a ship date yet, but I have the next best thing: specific completion percentages:

  • 8 different dice designs are complete. (Meaning the manufacturer has made enough to cover the pledge rewards with some leftover for the many people on the wait list.)
  • 2 dice designs are a little over half-way to having enough produced.
  • 3 dice designs have about 20% of the needed quantity made.
  • 2 dice have not yet started manufacturing.

As noted above, I don’t have a specific date yet but I expect it to be within the next few weeks!

I’ve also updated the www.dungeonmorphs.com website where I’ve consolidated a lot of the information about the project and made a lot of progress on battlemat versions of the DungeonMorph designs.  That site also has the mailing list signup if you’d like to be emailed when they are ready for purchase.

The battlemats are now 2/3 complete and people who pledged at the $40 level or above will get each of the 90 DungeonMorph designs in at least 3 formats:

  • Letter-size pdfs which span 6 pages to accommodate the 20″x20″ battlemat size.
  • Large 300dpi png so you may print them on a large format printer (or turn it into a pdf for other page sizes if your image editor allows that.)
  • A Dungeonographer .dgo file which allows you to fully manipulate the designs (remove some walls, change colors/textures, add some furniture, etc.) in this excellent (I could be biased though) map editor.  It even has a free version which only holds back a few “power-user” features.
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2 comments on “DungeonMorph Dice Manufacturing Update (Early/Mid October)
  1. Gomez says:


    Your link to http://www.dungeonmorphs.com is broken. Can you fix it?

  2. Joe says:

    Thanks! Its fixed.

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