Inkwell Ideas is the home of Worldographer, Cityographer, and Dungeonographer (three leading game map software programs), DungeonMorph Dice, the Coat of Arms Design Studio and other useful articles and tools for games.

More Details:

  • Hexographer, the incredibly simple to use Hex map creator/editor and its sequel Worldographer.
  • Dungeonographer, the similarly easy to use dungeon/building floorplan creator/editor.
  • Cityographer, using the same framework as Hexographer and Dungeonographer to generate cities instantly or place each road and building by hand.
  • The Coat of Arms Design Studio, another software tool which in this case allows you to make a coat of arms design.
  • Several random generators for dungeons, inns (with floorplans & menus), magic item shops, superhero characters, etc.

Email: joeXYZ@inkwellideas.com (drop the XYZ of course.)

The owner of Inkwell Ideas is Joe Wetzel.