Random (or not) City Name Charts

What follows will be a number of charts for creating city names that are reminiscent of city names of various cultures  in the real world. In each case, the city names are broken up into syllables (or sometimes 2 syllables) and you roll to randomly piece them together.  If you don’t like the results of random charts, look the options over and piece together some city names that sound right to you. The initial charts are for cities that are based on Chinese and English/United Kingdom city names.  In the near future we’ll be adding charts for German, Nordic, Arab, Indian and other cultures.

One comment on “Random (or not) City Name Charts
  1. Erin Smale says:

    Joe – these tables are great. Very fast and good results. Prime candidates for automating via NBOS’ Inspiration Pad Pro (which I think I’ll tinker with over the coming weekend).

    Looking forward to the remaining charts.


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